The $20 air filter has to be better than the $10 filter, right? and there’s no way the $3 air filter can be any good, right? 

What if your A/C technician told you that the expensive high-efficiency “good for 3-months” filters you’ve been using are the reason your a/c broke down, and your allergies flare up when you’re in your house?

The common high-efficiency air filters of today are simply TOO RESTRICTIVE for your air conditioner. If the a/c pulls the new filter out of your hands when you go to place it in the unit, then it is CHOKING the airflow! And when you choke the airflow to the a/c, the unit’s gas pressure rises and the stress on the internal components is ruining your compressor. But that’s a problem that you can’t see.

What happens when you have a dark, humid environment, with poor airflow? MOLD!!! Using restrictive filters actually turns the inside of your a/c unit into a breeding ground for mold and fungus. It’s ironic that thinking you’ve done your best to stop mold with a fancy expensive filter actually creates the problem you hoped to avoid

So what’s the solution? How about a filter that catches all the dust, without restricting airflow, for $5. Oh, and it’s coated with an anti-microbial coating too, zapping all the mold spores and bacteria before they get inside your a/c. Stop spending so much on filters that harm you and your a/c equipment.

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