How to Choose an Air Filter for Your HomeChoosing the right home air filter can become confusing because of several different types to choose from, all of which have different specifications.

An air filter is essential to keep the air inside your home clean and pollutant-free. In order to choose an appropriate air filter for your home, you should understand the technicalities involved in the air filter buying process. 

When buying a home air filter, one must take several things into consideration such as filter size, filter performance, filter cost, frequency of maintenance required, etc. It is also very important to evaluate what kind and size of particles do you want to remove.

We are discussing some factors that you must take into account in order to buy a highly efficient and cost-effective air filter for your home.

Filter Size

Choose an air filter that can fit into your home air system. You do not wish to lose money buying the wrong air filter that cannot be installed in your home air system. Many air filters have measurements printed on them but it is important to measure the size yourself with a measurement tape.

Home Air Quality

Homes with poor air quality require a more efficient air system as compared to the ones that have a good ventilation system. If you have pets and your home has poor ventilation, you will require a highly efficient air filter that can remove smoke particles, pet dander, dust, mites, etc.

Homes which are tightly insulated require a well-built home air system with high-efficiency air filters that can remove tiny particles. Location of your home also plays a role in the selection of home air filters. If your home is located in a highly populated city area, it is likely to have higher levels of pollutants and will require a more efficient air filter to remove them.

Type of Air Filter

Type of air filter is probably the most important consideration when buying a home air filter. There are different types of air filters such as pleated air filters, electronic filters, electrostatic filters, HEPA filters, and carbon filters.

If someone in your family has some breathing problem like asthma or allergies, then you will require a highly efficient air filter such as a HEPA Filter or an electrostatic filter. These filters have the ability to remove microscopic allergens such as tobacco smoke, pollen grains, animal dander, mold spores, and bacteria.

Filter Cost

When buying an air filter for your home, you must keep your budget in mind. Remember how much you can pay for an air filter without over-burdening yourself. The cost depends on size, type, and model of the filter. Home air filters with a higher MERV (or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) are usually more expensive as compared to the ones that are less efficient.

Reliable Air Filter Company

It is important to choose an air filter company that has experience and knowledge of the air filter industry such as Home Air Filters Tampa. A reliable and experienced air filter company can help you in choosing an air filter that meets your requirements and budget.

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