Summer has arrived in Tampa and our air conditioners are working overtime. This means our air filters are working overtime too. Your home a/c can’t work at full capacity if the air conditioning filter is dirty and restricting airflow!

1 and 2 inch MERV-7 Pleated ACFiltersThe length of time that your air filter can last in Tampa depends largely on what type of filter you are using. In other words, the $20 filter form home improvement stores will need to be changed as often as every two weeks in summer!

The cheapest air filters that the hardware stores offer are the ones that will last longest, but only because they allow all the dust particles to pass right through into the air conditioner unit.

Clean Air Services in Tampa provides a/c air filters that outperform the dust catching abilities of anything offered at the home improvement stores and ours will last longer too, and for just $3.25 a piece!