Benifits of High-Efficiency Air Conditioning FiltersHigh efficiency air conditioning filters offer many benefits.  When used in air conditioners, restrictive air filters choke the airflow from the unit.

When airflow to the air conditioner is choked, there is a rise in the units’ gas pressure which stresses the internal components and ruins the compressor.

To avoid damage to the air conditioners, it is necessary to use high efficiency air conditioning filters. With the damaged unit, there will be need for replacement but low efficiency filters offer another disadvantage.

With the expected task not being performed by the low performing low efficiency unit, with time, there is need to purchase an efficient unit. Replacing such units increases costs for the user which would have been avoided if an effective unit was purchased in the beginning. Thus high efficiency air conditioning filters also save costs

Filthy A/C FilterIn dark and humid environments, there is poor airflow which facilitates the growth of mold. The use of low efficiency air conditioner filters turns the inside of units being used in such environments into a breeding ground for fungus and mold.

Using low quality filters, the air conditioners end up acting in opposite of what they are supposed to do. Instead of stopping mold, they end up providing the breeding ground for the same.

High efficiency air conditioning filters are able to capture all the dust with no airflow restriction. They also come with anti-microbial coating which zaps bacteria and mold spores before the same can get to the air conditioning unit.

With these tips you can get the most out of your home air filter and create a comfortable and clean environment for your family and children. If you want to install highly efficient, cost-effective home air filters, call Tampa Bay Clean Air Services at 813-237-6826.