Commercial Air Filters 
Commercial HVAC Contractor Filter Supplies 

1 and 2 inch Aluminum or Steel Pad-Holding Frames

1″ and 2″ Aluminum or Steel Pad-Holding Frames 

1 and 2 inch MERV-7 Poly Filter Pads and Rolls

1″ and 2″ MERV-7 Poly Filter Pads and Rolls 

1 and 2 inch MERV-7 Pleated ACFilters

1″ and 2″ MERV-7 Pleated A/CFilters 

Clean Air Services has high quality HVAC air filtration media and air filters designed to solve problems faced everyday in commercial and industrial facilities. Our product line covers everything from furnace air filters, gas filters to the high efficiency HEPA type filters. We offer Installation, Cleaning and Replacement – Maintenance Scheduling services. Yes, we do have HEPA type, MERV 8 and MERV 11 rated type media for office, medical and commercial applications. Same Day and Next Day Services available. 

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