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Founded over 30 years ago, Clean Air Services offers a complete line of gas and air filters and filtration products and services. Our friendly customer care includes same day availability, same day delivery as well as installation, cleaning, replacement and proactive maintenance scheduling.

Clean Air Service is recognized for a broad range of standard or custom fit, high efficiency (high MERV ratings including MERV-8 and MERV-11), HEPA type, electrostatic and electronic air cleaners, air purifiers and air filtration systems and filters for any application. We have washable, reusable and disposable type filters and systems. Our wide array of filtration products are currently installed in numerous homes, offices, medical and industrial facilities in Tampa and surrounding Tampa Bay communities.

Clean Air Services was started in 1973 on the simple goal of selling custom size air conditioning filters for residential homeowners. The original idea of providing a custom size frame with disposable polyester filters satisfied many customers and is still an effective and remarkable idea even today.

In 1976 Clean Air expanded into providing high quality paint/spraybooth filters for the automotive industry. Installation service for both commercial A/C filters and spraybooth filters expanded sales quickly in the greater Tampa Bay area.

In the 1990’s sales increased largely due to homeowners concerned with the air quality in their homes. Clean Air Services now has three different levels of filtration for homeowners including the MERV-8, which the highest efficiency recommended for homes without having to upgrade the A/C equipment inyour home.

Providing quality air filters along with exceptional service for the same price you would pay for run of the mill filters has been Clean Air Service’s focus for the past 35 years and it continues to be the focus into the future.