Tampa Bay’s Clean Air Services is your premier air filter provider in Florida.

We specialize in a wide variety of filter services for residential air conditioners, commercial air conditioning, and all high efficiency air filter systems. We also provide paint spray booth filters and furnace filters for homes and businesses.

1 and 2 inch MERV-7 Pleated AC Filters

MERV-7 Pleated AC Filters

For over thirty years, Clean Air Services have been providing a complete line of all types of air filters and filtration products and services in Temple Terrace, Florida. Our residential air filters come in standard size and high efficiency types to prevent any size dust particle from entering your home. With our MERV-8 rated Fiberbond filtration products we can help you eliminate all dust, allergies, and asthma issues from plaguing those living in your home. Our residential air filters work with all HVAC, home air conditioners, and any duct-work systems.

1 and 2 inch Aluminum or Steel Pad-Holding Frames

Aluminum or Steel Pad-Holding Frames

One of the areas we specialize in are offering custom size air filters, and ones you can’t find in stores. Our furnace filters and AC filter systems are key to capturing airborne allergens in your home. Alongside our residential air filters we also provide commercial HVAC filters for contractors and businesses in the Tampa, Florida area. From aluminum and steel pad-holding frames, MERV-7 Poly Filter pads and rolls, and pleated air conditioning filters, Clean Air Services has every filter you’ll ever need. Our filter prices are low, and we have designed our air filtration media and filters to solve common problems experienced by HVAC companies and contractors.

FILTRAIR Intake Ceiling Filter 2

FILTRAIR Intake Ceiling Filter

Another area we excel in has to do with Paint Spray Booth Air Filters. We carry the best spray booth filters from FILTRAIR. All of our filters meet and exceed regulatory and government regulations and guidelines. Some of our Spray Booth filters include intake ceiling filters, rolls, and pads. Exhaust filter pads and rolls, pre-filters and bag filters, and exhaust cubes are also carried by our filter company. Our high quality paint spray and powder coated booth filters are the best filtration products on the market today.

Our air filter company has always pride itself on exceptional service, high quality filters, and great prices for all of our loyal customers.

Whether you’re interested in creating the healthiest atmosphere for your home or business, we have everything you need to accomplish your air filtration goals.

We hope you come visit our location today in Temple Terrace, Florida, and discover why we’ve been in business for over 30 years and counting in the filtration industry.